Ready … set … entertain! The emphasis should probably be on “ready” … are you? Here at the wine club we love throwing parties! If you’re throwing a wine party, here are the 5 most important tasks to take care of ahead of time.

The Ultimate Checklist For Your Holiday Wine Party

1. The Wine: Have your wine club delivery scheduled for at least 2 weeks before your event. Wine is a living thing and it can undergo “shock” with transit–avoid jet lag.

2. Food for a wine party is as important as the wine–strive for the perfect pairing! Show you know your stuff by really exploring all your options. Find a great deli to buy small amounts of this or that to test with your party wines. Once you decide on a menu, make sure the ingredients are available at this time of year. Look for the very best ingredients you can find — and purchase everything you need a few days before the party (as long as these are ingredients that keep).

3. The Guests: Since this is a Holiday Wine Party, be sure to invite friends who love wine — they are the ones who will truly appreciate all your time and effort.

4. The Dry Run: A few days before, pretend like the party is tonight and make sure you have:
a. All the wines
b. All the ingredients for your menu
c. Enough wine glasses (at least 2 per person, one for reds, one for whites), plates and cutlery. AND the best tablecloth and napkins, clean and ready, for your party theme.
c. The decorations you need. (Don’t forget wine glass trinkets to keep track of whose is whose.)
e. The number of a cab company that can be called if a guest needs assistance going home. (again- -this IS a wine party!).

5. YOU! Yes, you! Take some time just prior to your party to relax, even if it’s a day off work for a little spa time, or an extra long hike, time at the gym, yoga, meditation … the point being, YOU are essential to a great party. Your pleasure is as important as everyone’s else’s. You’ll do best if you’re relaxed and not stressed, energetic and not tired.

Prepare to enjoy yourself as you bring joy to the world, with handcrafted wine from The 2 You Wine Club!

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